Jill G. (Yoga client)

​If you are looking for a yoga instructor, I would highly recommend Janette.  I am new to yoga and decided to begin with private sessions.  From the start, Janette has been focused, calm, centered, and enthusiastic.  Each session, she has a plan for the yoga class, and has already created a peaceful environment before the class even begins.  But she is also flexible, and the plan can be changed either at my request or more intuitively, if it seems like an adjustment is necessary or welcomed.  She is an excellent yoga instructor, having an understanding of both movement and alignment and is willing to stop to ensure I understand the movements.  Mostly importantly, she clearly loves what she does – both teaching and practicing yoga.  She always follows up with me the next day and genuinely wants to see me improve!  

Kelly R. (Yoga client):

Janette is a wonderful yoga coach and teacher.  She makes sure every session is thoughtful and completely personalized.  I recommend Janette to my fellow aspiring yogis.

Kristi L.:

What motivated you with work for Holistic Instincts?

I work in a line of business that requires me to walk up and down flights of stairs and on occasion climb under desks. Being out of breath every time I climbed a set of stairs or attempting to get up off the floor was my breaking point. I needed more than just a shake plan or diet pills. I needed accountability and someone I can call on when I’m stuck or just unmotivated.

Tell me about your experience working with Janette:

I started with a questionnaire followed by a 60 minute consultation with Janette Razo of Holistic Instincts. Based on discussion the Real Food/Real Health Starter Pack was the best option based on my goals and level of coaching I needed. It was the perfect fit - this starter pack help me understand the power of food. Eliminating certain foods from my diet and slowly adding them back I realized that I could manage my asthma without an inhaler – I just needed to adjust what foods were causing my daily attacks.

Name one thing you didn’t expect would happen:

My inhaler is part of my daily life I would carry 2 in my bag for fear of running out. Always being told that an inhaler would be part of my daily routine was never questioned until one day during my first 30 days with Janette I noticed I hadn’t used my inhaler in a few weeks. I typically go thru one to two inhalers a month. I’ve been working with Janette for 7 months and only used my inhaler 6 times total since I started using her services. When I decided to work with Janette I was focused only on weight management - I never thought I would be able to go a weeks without my inhaler.

What is your favorite thing you learned from Holistic Instincts?

I really enjoy cooking and eating clean. I have a new hobby and the best part it tastes so good!! Ask my husband.

Who would you recommend to Holistic Instincts?

The days of self-managing asthma day to day used to be the most important activity to breathing well and keep my asthma symptoms at bay. I recommend anyone like me who relies on a daily inhaler to meet Janette with Holistic Instincts.
​ (*Disclaimer: results may vary.)

Brenda H.:

After the first time on Whole30, we went out of control we had all u can eat sushi like 3 times in a row, pizza with (my son) Danny, and every other week we had burgers.  Any type of junk food that was yummy to the mouth and horrible for your body, we had it!  Thanks to my lack of discipline toward myself I had now gone up to 220 pounds.  That is the heaviest I had EVER been.  Even when I was pregnant was I that heavy!  Yesterday was my last day on Whole30, so I weighed myself today.  Although I was anxious and scared, I looked down and I'm at 198 pounds AND I can breathe a little better now!  Lesson learned!  I don't want to JUNK FOOD for an every day meal!!  My mom lost 2 lbs in those same 30 days...but today she went to her doctor for a follow up on blood work she had done a couple of months ago.  At that time, her good cholesterol was at 165 (a decent level is under 100).  Today, when she got home, she was excited telling me how now her level is at 105 meaning she is still a bit high but only a skip away from being where she needs to be.
​ (*Disclaimer: results may vary.)

Cesareo X.:

I’m the stubborn person who did not want to make many changes to my eating habits.  Over the years, my diet has consisted of whatever my wife made for me but I cheated a lot, especially when eating out or special occasions.  Not until recently, I finally buckled down and decided to stick with it.  I have to tell you that I’m glad I did.  The main reason why I started was because I’ve felt pressure in my head and could not figure out what the problem was.  After a few doctor visits, including specialist and even dentist - they did not produce any results.  Going Holistic really produced the results I was looking for.  No more pressure in my head!  And I don't need the prescription nasal allergy medication - that I needed for years.  And of course another benefit was the inches I’ve lost and continue to lose. I’ve had this belt for about 6 years, size 42”. As you can see, I’ve cut it down, even punched new holes and it still feels loose. It’s time to buy a new belt!
(*Disclaimer: results may vary.)

Maria C.:

Hello ! My name is Maria and for about 10 years, I have suffered being a little overweight and had tried many diets but any pounds lost always returned after some time.  Well, Janette was trying to help me follow this healthy diet!  But I would only hear her talk and I would tell myself (yeah yeah) no diet helps me now!  Over time, she kept sharing her knowledge of nutrition and finally convinced me and let me tell you, it was not easy for me to give up sugar!  But I told myself, I'll try one more time.  Let me tell you that it worked.  In the first month, I lost 12 pounds, (9 pounds the following month) and I am in my third month.   I feel much healthier and with more energy!  Now, with my most recent regular checkup, my cholesterol is normal, I have clear lungs and normal blood pressure and I dropped my blood pressure medication. 
 (*Disclaimer: results may vary.)

Jeanette H.:

On August 24, 2015, I began my first 30 day journey to a new me.  At the beginning it was hard to leave behind the Nacho Cheese Doritos and sour cream that I would indulge in everyday, and not to mention the weekly slice (or two) of pizza.  The initial week was the hardest. For me, it was a learning process.  I had to forget everything that I had been taught about "real food" and re-learn how to listen to my body and learn to give it the nutrients it needed.  I had previously tried a juicing cleanse for a month and I was surprised that I was able to complete it.  I lost weight but always felt tired and weak, not to mention that once it was over I regained the weight I had lost and then some.  Janette helped me realize that in order to lose weight and be healthy you need the vitamins and nutrients in real food.  She was there for me every step of the way.  I couldn't have done it with out her check-ins and emergency texts.  I lost 12 pounds in my first month and I couldn't be happier.  I went from a size 16 in dresses to a size 12!  I can finally throw away my stretchy pants and wear regular jeans again!  And I no longer feel the need to carry Benadryl because I don't break out in hives anymore - which was a weekly occurrence for me.  For me this wasn't a diet it's a lifestyle change.  I'm on day 8 of my second 30 day program and I can't wait to step on the scale and see how much more I've lost.
(*Disclaimer: results may vary.)

Teresa H.:

Hello Janette, how are you?  I want to thank you for helping me with the 30-day plan.  In those 30-days, I lost 10 pounds and I feel very good - thank you for having learned nutrition because you have helped us a lot.  My co-workers ask me how I have done this and now now most of them want to do the same.  I want to thank you again.
(*Disclaimer: results may vary.)

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