Mama's Milk Soap (Very Primal) **Limited quantities coming soon!**
I am lucky enough to have generous friends that sometimes donate their milk.

Milk produces a gentle and skin-nourishing soap.

Organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, mama's milk, and sodium hydroxide .
Each bar weighs approximately 2.5 ounces.  $10.00 each 

Handmade Soap Bars

Kombucha Soap (Primal) 
A personal favorite using a traditionally fermented tea.  I have carefully
been producing my own kombucha for a few years and this special soap even includes
a small amount of the mother culture.  This is a soft lathering soap.

Pastured lard, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, homemade kombucha (plus
mother culture), and sodium hydroxide.

Each bar weighs approximately 2.8 ounces.  $5.00 each 

Detoxing Charcoal Soap (Primal) 
Soft and cleansing soap with activated charcoal (not what you BBQ with, I promise!)
and one of my favorite beauty and health products: Utah Redmond Clay.  The lather
turns gray, but don't worry, you will not!

Pastured lard, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide,
activated charcoal, and bentonite clay .

Each bar weighs approximately 2.5 ounces.  $6.00 each 

Holistic instincts

Real Life.  Real Nutrition.

With Janette

All handmade soaps are produced in small batches using a cold process method and are made with nourishing ingredients - the same ingredients I put IN my body.  All soap is free harsh chemicals, unnatural oils or artificial scents or colorings.

Perfect for my family and yours.

PLEASE REMEMBER:  All soaps are made with natural ingredients, including:  quality liquids, organic oils, grassfed tallow or pastured lard, and whatever else I have in my home.  Why tallow or lard?  All true soap is made with some type of fat.  Glycerine, found in many soaps, is derived from fat.  Sodium tallowate, another common ingredient also found in commercial body soap, is derived from beef tallow.  I also like using primal fats made from pastured pork lard and grass-fed tallow because this is the way cold-process soap has been made for generations, and they result in soaps that lather very nicely.

**Please be sure read description and ingredients listed before you order a soap bar.**

All handmade soap will last longer if the bar is kept dry in between uses.  Please use an elevated soap dish so that the bar is  not resting in water when not in use.  All soaps are handmade in small batches and some may be hand-cut so there will be slight differences in shape, weight and cut with each bar.  Shipping is not included in individual pricing.

*The Mama’s Milk soap is super gentle and may not lather much in hard water, but it will still get you clean!

Natural lip balm, when available, is produced in small quantities and hand-packed.  Each lip balm is free from chemicals, unnatural ingredients, scents or colorings.  Shipping is not included in individual pricing.

*For questions, or to place an order, please email here:  

​Crazy Soft 80/20 Soap (Vegan) 
A favorite with its soft skin-feel and creamy lather.

Organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide.
Each bar weighs approximately 2.5 ounces.  $5.00 each 

Double Coconut Soap (Vegan)
Great everyday soap with gentle exfoliants from finely shredded coconut and
homemade coconut milk.

Organic coconut oil, homemade organic coconut milk,  and sodium hydroxide.

Each bar weighs approximately 2.8 ounces.  $4.00 each