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My Journey

I am Janette and I have been on an amazing, and sometimes difficult, journey that made me realize just how much the foods we eat affect our sense of well being and health.

How do I know?  I, like many people, struggled with weight after I had children.   And sporadically, suffered from acne ranging from mild to painful cystic acne.  After a while, I assumed what was happening was due to my age because, let's face it, who actually gets younger?  I blamed genetics because, what else could it be?  

I love a good food challenge and decided to go vegetarian a few years ago, and then vegan but I still struggled.  Later, the same year, I did a complete 360 turn and went low-carb and felt better.   But not great.  After additional health issues, a few visits to the E.R., and visits with five seemingly unconcerned doctor, I took matters into my own hands.  I decided I did not want to carry around an Epi Pen or live with prescribed lotions and pills to help me manage my issues.  I actually had a doctor tell me that if he were experiencing what I was, and finding relief with the medications, he would be happy.  That made me mad.  And sad.  So I began researching the role diet plays in our lives.  I devoured information and implemented changes in my life and those of my family.  And we saw amazing results:  reduced anxiety in one child (including a clear up of eczema),  to a disappearance of headaches (or migraines, in my husband's case).  Across my family, we saw a reduction of allergy symptoms and I found we were all less tired in the morning and had steady energy levels throughout the day.  As a bonus, we lost weight while eating nutrient-powerful foods.  And eating a lot.

The food you eat DOES matter.  And much, much more than you think.  There is no quick fix, magic tea or manufactured pill that will do the work of nutrient-powerful diet.  And while a 'one-size-fits-all' plan does not exist, I can help guide you into making positive changes tailored to your life that may improve your quality of life.

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